Brabant Remembers

Lives were changed drastically and forever during the Second World War. Brabant Remembers recounts these unusual, inspiring, personal stories, large and small, about mobilisation, occupation, collaboration and liberation. Stories in which a life-changing choice is the central theme.

Seventy five stories, one for each of the years we have lived in freedom. Together they give a good impression of the impact the Second World War had on people. These stories form the starting point for a programme throughout Brabant and the Brabant Remembers (inter)national campaign. In conjunction with communities and partners, these stories will be formed into an innovative cultural programme in 2019 and 2020. Its aim is to convey the impact of the Second World War and to make it tangible and understandable so it will reach out to younger generations.

Producers, artists and policy makers will be inspired by the 75 personal stories. The aim is that a wide and varied national and international public will be able to experience these 75 life-changing war stories at 75 locations in 2019 and 2020. Then people can draw conclusions from the dilemmas that confronted ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, and show how thinking outside the box can result in unprecedented peaks and troughs. Brabant Remembers will use stories from that time as an inspiration and starting point for decisions that need to be taken nowadays. The emotional impact from that time will be so tangible it will make the link with contemporary challenges.

Brabant Remembers is an initiative of the Crossroads Brabant ’40-’45 Foundation and is made possible by the province of North Brabant and vfonds.

Brabant Remembers is partner of Europe Remembers.


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