Brabant Remembers Living History AR-App

The Second World War provided Brabant with countless different stories. Both anxious and hopeful moments have found their place in history. Brabant Remembers brings these stories to life in a poignant Augmented Reality App.

Re-live the stories of the people of Brabant during the war and visit the places where lives were changed forever. Feel the doubt, the fear, the hope and the courage of people who had to make choices which led to life-changing consequences for themselves and others.

The Brabant Remembers App allows you to step right into these personal stories. Where somebody once had to make a life-changing decision, you are now presented with the same choice.

The app can be downloaded for free on Iphone en Android devices.

The start of an innovative programme

The launching of this app is the start of a culturally innovative programme comprising large projects which include universal stories associated with (inter)national ambassadors in Brabant. These include Rocco Verdult, Social Designer and Theun Mosk, Theatrical Designer. In addition there has been collaboration with organisations that Brabant Remembers reinforces in their programmes. There are also another 60 local gems, based on stories from all the North Brabant communities which together form a programme that appeals to both local residents and international visitors. From Etten-Leur to England and from Cuijk Canada.