Brabant Remembers is an initiative of Stichting Crossroads Brabant ’40-’45 and was made possible by the province of North Brabant and vfonds. Brabant Remembers is a partner of Europe Remembers. Brabant Remembers was a unifying programme in the run-up to and during the celebration of 75 years of freedom.

During WWII, lives were radically changed forever. The programme tells 75 special, inspiring, personal stories: big or small, about mobilisation, resistance, collaboration or liberation. Stories focusing on a life-changing choice. One for every year we live in freedom.

Together, the stories give a good impression of the impact of WWII on society and formed the starting point for a Brabant-wide programme and the (inter)national campaign Brabant Remembers. Together with municipalities and partners, these stories were translated into an innovative cultural programme in 2019-2020. With the aim of conveying the impact of WWII, making it tangible and palpable and thus also reaching younger generations. With Brabant Remembers, the stories of then were used as a source of inspiration and starting point for choices to be made nowadays. It makes the emotional impact of the past tangible and makes the link to contemporary challenges. This website is used as an archive for these 75 stories.

Thinking about and celebrating freedom remains relevant, even after an anniversary year. In the coming years, we will work with municipalities and partners on a programme called Brabant Herinnert which is Dutch for Brabant Remembers. We are working towards commemorating and celebrating 80 years of freedom in 2024-2025. More information about the programme towards 80 years of freedom? Go to


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